Pediatric Dentist & Orthodontist for Kids in Maple

Our history began in 2002 providing Pediatric specialty dental services in the northern GTA. Utilizing a unique patient and family oriented approach we were the first Pediatric dental clinic in Vaughan and the first Pediatric dental clinic to provide in-office Sleep Dentistry. This has allowed our patients to receive the highest standard of dental care in a timely fashion and a comfortable environment versus that of a hospital setting.

Since then we have grown to become the first combined Pediatric and Orthodontic clinic in the GTA. Together our teams first priority is to provide an early preventative treatment approach to Children’s Dentistry and Orthodontics. Our Orthodontists have a unique Early Two-Phase Treatment philosophy to help eliminate the need for complicated treatment and in some cases braces during the teenage years.

As your child’s overall health and wellness is of utmost importance to us we have also introduced Speech therapy and Nutritional counselling services into our clinic as it has been shown that there is a tremendous cross-over between our specialties.

Our clinic has undergone several renovations over the years, however in 2014 we completed our largest renovation and expansion to help ensure our patients are able to receive the absolute best in Pediatric and Orthodontic dental care. This included the opening of our second clinic to help those families that travelled long distances to be able to receive the same quality of care but closer to home.

By popular request in 2015 we introduced the branding of Align Orthodontics as a partner to Dental Works 4 Kids. This has allowed the parents of our patients to receive the same specialty orthodontic treatment as their children, while using only the latest in light-wire and clear aligner technology.

We are proud to be innovators in the field of dentistry and we value your feedback as part of the Dental Works 4 Kids and Align Orthodontics family. We also can’t express our gratitude enough to all of those who have referred their families and friends as this is the highest compliment we can receive.

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