In-Ovation Braces

Using self-ligating braces we don’t just align your teeth, we create beautiful Smiles.

Self-ligating braces are more comfortable today than ever before. Made of high-grade stainless steel, or ceramic (clear braces) self-ligating braces utilize a special ‘clip’ that is designed to straighten your teeth more efficiently achieving naturally beautiful smiles more comfortably. They are also much smaller than typical braces and with new materials are much more discreet.

There is no more tightening of braces with the self-ligating system. The low-friction nature of the system ensures improved tooth position and improved facial harmony. Very light-weight, shape memory wires are used to gently guide your teeth to their ideal position resulting in beautiful broad smiles.

Because of the efficiency of the self-ligating system typically fewer orthodontic appointments are needed and depending on your case this may mean a saving of many months.

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