3 Ways to Get an Early Start Caring for Your Baby’s Teeth

3 Ways to Get an Early Start Caring for Your Baby’s Teeth

Your Paediatrician start’s helping you take care of your child’s health right after they are born. The same way they work with your child’s overall health is how we work with your child’s oral health.

As soon as your child’s first tooth erupts it is at risk for tooth decay, which could lead to the early loss of a baby tooth. Many think that it’s ok to loose a baby tooth early as it’s, ‘Just a baby tooth’. What many people don’t understand is that the early loss of a baby tooth can not only affect the way the adult teeth erupt but also affect the way the jaws develop.

Keep your child cavity free by:

  • Cleaning your child’s gums daily with a clean cloth, moist gauze pads or wash cloth.
  • Once your child’s teeth begin to erupt, typically around 6 months of age, brush them gently twice a day with a tiny smear of toothpaste.
  • When your child has two adjacent teeth start using a floss threader.

Good oral habits will last a lifetime. We at Dental Works 4 Kids have seen many young infants with numerous dental concerns. It is recommended by the Canadian and American Association of Pediatric Dentistry that EVERY child should have their first dental exam by the age of 1. We at Dental Works 4 Kids have taken it once step further to be one of the first office in the Greater Toronto Area to offer COMPLIMENTARY Exams at 6 months of age. Help your child be cavity FREE by visiting one of our Vaughan and Brampton Pediatric Specialists to learn how you can begin an Early Prevention Program at home.

To learn more visit us at http://www.dentalworks4kids.com/your-childs-first-dental-visit/